Regional Same Day Courier & Freight Services

WHO WE ARE We are freight transport professionals who are dedicated to helping clients with the highest quality of shipping needs.
WHAT WE TRANSPORT We move freight from envelopes to 53 foot tractor-trailer loads. We get the job done right, whether you require us to move small parcels, dry van skid freight, curtain side or flat deck loads
TIMEFRAMES Our same day Regular, Priority and Hotshot services gets your freight where you need it, when you need it.
WHERE WE GO Servicing the Lower Mainland & Okanagan, our fleet provides same day service within regions, with our overnight zone transfers for convenient next day delivery.
LOAD WARRIOR ADVANTAGE Our combination of fair and consistent pricing along with reliable quality service will over exceed your expectations of what a freight company should be.
HOW WE DO IT Simple. Reasonable pricing that is attractive to both you and the drivers. Drivers stay consistent and provide exceptional service. Our customers come to rely on their business needs being met. Rinse and Repeat.
Service Availability

Service Availability

Load Warrior is switching to a Zone based system. This panel will be updated shortly.

Fuel Surcharge

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Safe, Secure, and Dependable Storage With 3 locations spread between Kamloops and Chilliwack, we are strategically positioned to optimize your supply chain operations in British Columbia. Our 3PL solutions are designed to streamline your logistics processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, all while providing you with unparalleled access to our specialized facilities and a team of dedicated experts. Whether you require warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution, or customized supply chain solutions, Load Warrior Logistics is your gateway to success for reaching throughout Western Canada.
Comprehensive Solutions
Receiving: Thorough verification, unloading, and inspection of inbound loads.
Product Handling: Pallet In/Out, Repacking, Labeling, and Sorting
Storage: Products securely placed in an indoor facility or fenced yard for short/long term agreements.
Order Fulfillment: Customized picking, staging, labeling, and completion of necessary paperwork.
Order Release: Load Warrior Logistics or out of area arrangements made, with shipping documents provided.
Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge

Our rates are subject to a revenue-neutral surcharge formula with a baseline reference of December, 2021 wholesale fuel prices in British Columbia. If fuel prices drop below the baseline, no surcharge will be assessed. These rates are updated bi-monthly, calculated from the previous period's average fuel price.

The surcharge applies to the following schedules:

Schedule 1: Based on diesel and assessed on Pallet, Flat deck, Carpet, and Charter rated shipments.
Schedule 2: Based on gasoline and assessed on Courier rated shipments.

Current Fuel Surcharges
SurchargeEffective DateValue
Schedule 12024-07-165 %
Schedule 22024-07-166 %

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